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Long story short… I got sick. I’m doing quite a bit better now and I hope you are all doing well too. We’ve got a sense of clarity and an opportunity for new beginnings right now, so seize the moment and, for everyone’s sake, pull your head out of the past while you can. Be mindful of your future but don’t dwell on it, as you may be inclined. Take this moment for what it is and appreciate the beauty around you.

In relevance to my issues, a word to all of you: Don’t disregard your possible physical, mental or emotional health issues because ‘you can handle it’ or ‘don’t want to complain’. Virgo shields her eyes and the troubles that lay behind them constantly, but there is a time - now, in particular - to admit that you may need a little help with something.

E a r t h - E y e d: Type I – The Virgin/Maiden


The Virgin is the stationary depiction of the sixth sign and is the most common denominator when discussing Virgo’s symbolism and imagery. The terminology belonging to this first archetype has become interchangeable with “The Maiden” as the word “virgin” often implies a chaste individual,…

Imaging of Virgo in Atomic Gas

These 53 systems cover more than a factor of 20 in mass, and they are located throughout the cluster, from the dense core to the low density outer parts.

Hello, Virgos

Mercury, it seems, has had me in a very strange place lately, and though I’ve got several posts ready, I have been hesitant to put them up. Tonight’s sense of clarity in lieu of myself has been a breath of fresh air, though, and you can expect them tomorrow or shortly thereafter.  Other Virgos I know well seem to be a little rustled as well. Sleeping schedules changing, lack of energy, excess nervous energy and a sudden nameless, nagging worry. This will pass shortly. Be wary of your words around Mercury’s retrograde and don’t forget to breathe. 

Upcoming posts, upon request, will be comprised of my usual insights and some relationship comparisons between Virgos and other signs. If you would like me to cover anything let me know! I’ve got a lot of thoughts about this and I’d love to share. Also, in reference to the upcoming posts, if you have personal experience or opinions that I didn’t take into enough consideration, your input is important to me. 

Goodnight Virgos. Balance will resume. 

freebyme asked: This blog is so dead on. Where did you gain so much astrological knowledge, and more specifically, how did you become so clear with the inner truths about Virgos?

I’m so glad you feel that way, and that you came across this blog. 

Honestly, I’m no astrological expert (though as soon as this semester’s funds are out of the way I plan to read up on everything astrologically related that I can get my hands on!) I’m really just an observer with very strong opinions and insight. As a Virgo I’ve found that we have this tendency to live accepting the fact that people totally and completely misunderstand us. We reside so very much in ourselves and the complexities of that are mind blowing. I found myself at the right place and time to put some of these thoughts and proclivities into words and I knew that if I could reach out to other Virgos, or anyone at all, really, it was more than worth it to try.  

For a long time it was almost scary to me how inaccurately we could be portrayed and I know I’m not the only one who felt that way. When I came across other Virgoan perspectives, it was refreshing… relieving. I hope to share some of that with others by means of my personal insight.

That sense of self awareness I’ve been trying to hone, along with our natural perceptivity, has given me a really great vantage point to comprehend the motives and attributes of other members of the zodiac as well. I’ve also come into a lot of understanding about others and myself ( and in that, many Virgos ) just by keeping track of the moon cycles and how they affect us. I still have a lot to learn and understand and every bit that I do is more satisfying. Especially when I get feedback like this, so please know how grateful I am for your input.

Also, I’m sorry for such a wordy reply. Until now all of these thoughts have been this unspoken language I just felt, knew and understood. Now that I’ve got a bit of regard toward how I should word it, it wouldn’t do any justice to be delivered without the most complete form of clarity I can muster. (:

Virgo, a creature of habit

Though mutable Virgo is adaptable and even facilitating of change in her life, she likes to keep her mentality in strict order. Her head is full of what she often regards as ‘filing cabinets’ in which she can refer to information and memories she holds significant. This myriad of information is tucked tightly within the constantly brewing storm of feelings and emotional processing Virgo experiences at any given moment.

This is one of the reasons Virgo is so habitual, in a few senses of the word. In her social and functional life ( work, school, etc… ), Virgo displays this in terms of routine. She takes the same route from class to class, eats the same lunch in the same place at the same time she has scheduled on any given day and sits in the same seat she has designated for herself during study or class hours. Work breaks, for Virgo, yield similar preferences. She drives the same roads she has become comfortable with and spends her breaks uniformly. If this structure is disturbed by outward forces, she becomes rattled. When Virgo changes her routines, for whatever reasons she may, it must be on her terms.

Virgo becomes habit forming in a personal sense as well. People see her as cool and composed - and Virgo would have it no other way - but her restless mental process often leads to physical propensities. She uses these as tangible directors for all of the impalpable nervous energy she conceals so diligently.

These habits consist of subtleties - a slight facial twitch, a restless tongue, closing and reopening of fingers - to more solid fixations such as a constant, reassuring touch to some specific part of the body or chewing habits ( pens, pencils and what not. ). Virgo has another predominant habit that many overlook… ( another testament to the typical misunderstanding of Virgoan psyche. ) Contrary to her common regard as a total ‘health freak’, Virgo has a tendency toward smoking. She does place emphasis on her well being but with a very realist view, and smoking is one of the most common predispositions for Virgo. While some Virgos will keep their smoking habit under wraps in lieu of appearance, others, when regarded about it, will reply with a shrug and complete certainty; ” This… is not what will kill me. “


Several people mentioned to me that they would like me to post ‘Virgo-isms’ and I had rolled the idea around in my head before too. I figured I would post a few and see what kind of responses they issued, so please feel free to give me feedback and suggestions.

It will be somewhat similar to Virgo facts, which is a wonderful blog that I recommend following, by the way.

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